Monday, January 12, 2009

V-Log 1/12/09


  1. Robyn good for you for wanting to change your lifestyle and eating habits. You are one up on me atleast you are working out. I joined WW in Sept and have lost over 20 lbs, until the holidays recently, but today is another day.
    Keep up the good work, you will feel so much better. It does get easier and you will learn to love the fruits and veggies, cause the junk will start to make you feel bad and you will feel better when you eat better.
    K. Hays

  2. Great video, Robyn. So glad to hear about your progress and how the whole family is getting into this! Having the kids change their eating habits will be great re-enforcement for YOU because you won't want to backslide so that they don't. There's no motivator greater than wanting better for our kids. Oh, and if the little ones start tiring of apples, they are GREAT dipped in peanut butter!

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