Thursday, May 26, 2011

Starting Over - Week 1!!

Hey everyone!

Okay, I officially started doing Weight Watchers AGAIN and exercising this past Monday.  I thought I would also make sure I journal everything over here for those of you who want to do it with me again.  If you would like to read my entire journey from before when I lost close to 50 pounds (10 was when I had H1N1 so I don't really count it) just go to the beginning of this blog.

Weight:  147.6  (I've gained 10 pounds since my last post!)


Monday:  Ran 1 mile at 5.0, walked 1/4 of a mile, Ran another mile at 5.0, walked another 1/4 mile, upper body workout with weights.  100 abdominal exercises.
Total: 2 miles ran, 1/2 mile walked

Tuesday:  Ran 2 miles at 5.0 - 6.1, Walked 1 mile

Wednesday:  6 miles on the bike going 90 rpm's, elip. machine 10 minutes (1 mile)

Today:  Ran 3 miles in 31 minutes at 5.5 - 6.2!!  So excited to be running again!  Walked 1 mile.  Lifted weights for upper body.

So, those of you who have been following me know that I have severe Plantar Fasciitis, which is REALLY painful!  I have gone to therapy, have custom insols, etc.  I just have to stretch really good.  I also just purchased these AWESOME socks that I sleep in at night called Strassburg Socks.  Here's a pic of how silly they look.  I don't know why but when I wear them I get the Pippy Longstocking song stuck in my head!  LOL!

I highly recommend this sock to anyone who is having problems with tight calves, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc.  I noticed the difference in one day!!  I am going to continue to wear them every night.

GOAL:  Run a 10K on the 4th of July in Utah.  It will be my 3rd year in a row if I am up to it!  Anyone in Utah want to do it with me??