Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I was so nervous going into my appointment at Jenny Craig because I didn't think I had lost any weight. When I stepped on the scale I was pleasantly surprised to see that I lost 3.4 pounds. It is a start. I was hoping to lose more in my first week, especially with all the work that I am doing, but I will take it!! 3.4 pounds is great for me!!!

This morning when I was on my treadmill I ran for 8 minutes straight!! That is such an accomplishment for me. I actually ran 13 minutes total and walked for 4 minutes. I might be able to run for an entire mile pretty soon. Watch out 5K, here comes Robyn!!

I'm starting a new week of JC food and I'm really looking forward to it. There has been only one thing that I wasn't crazy about and I have LOVED everything else!!

Hope you are all doing well. Thanks for checking in with me and supporting me!


  1. That is so wonderful. Keep up the good work! I've been following your blog and has been very inspiring. Thank you! Have a great day. God Bless You. ~Norma Jean

  2. Way to go 3.4 pounds is great Robyn!! Keep up the hard work, you're doing so very well and definitely inspiring me to keep uo with the exercise and such!!

    Hugs, K

  3. Good for you! 3.4lbs is alot of weight to lose in 1 week. Congratulations!

  4. Fantastic! That's really a good loss and you worked hard for it. Keep it up!

  5. I'm in Jenny Craig too. I was like this this past week and I lost 2.3 pounds. Most of their foods are great and I enjoy eating them. It's even better when you add a little fat free sour cream or some guacamole to the fajitas, etc.

    I'm cheering you up! I've lost almost 25 pounds and in all the Christmas I lost 1.5 pounds! So, if I was able, you're able to keep it up too!