Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2- Check In

Today I had a really early start. My puppy started barking at 6:30 am so I just got up for the day since my alarm was set for 7:00 am anyway. I went ahead and got on the treadmill. While I was on there my DH came in my workout room and said "You do realize what time it is, don't you?" I was like..... "Of course!" He then told me it was 5:45 am and not 6:45 am like I thought!! Apparently I had accidently hit the button on my clock last night an extra time and it was an hour ahead. Oh well, I just used it to my advantage since I was already up. After I ran/walked for 1 mile (14 minutes), I did my 50 crunches and then went to the gym since my DH didn't need to leave for work until 7:00 am. I did some more crunches and worked my lower body. It actually felt good to have such an early start this morning.

I decided that since food is my biggest issue with a diet (like the rest of us, right?) I went into Jenny Craig and signed up. I think it will help me having meals that are already ready and planned out. I love doing Weight Watchers but my problem is that I always pick the wrong food for my points and then I am super hungry later. We will see how this Jenny Craig goes. I just don't want to worry about what I eat right now. Oh ya, I also weighed in at JC and my new weight is 157 so I am going to have that be my start weight. I will be weighed every week there, which will be nice.

Water is going good today.

I worked out.

Doing fine with food so far.

I just need to get through my tough hours which are between 5 & 10 PM.


  1. Robyn!!! YAY! I'm sooo proud of you! You are off to a fantastic start! I think that extra hour was God's way of sending you some extra motivation!!! Just when you needed it! I'm glad you've decided to try Jenny Craig, one more thing to help you out & probably cheaper than a personal nutritionist & chef!! LOL! i hope you have a great night tonight & get off to a great start tomorrow!

  2. Wow - you do all that other stuff and wake up early! I need 9hrs of sleep to function - Dr says it's 'normal for me' and that some need more and some need less - you obviously need less! ;) I hope Jenny works for you! I love the idea of ready made stuff but often dont' like the taste enough to stick to it. But i've never tried Jenny Craig. In any case, great job so far!!! Keep it up!! and don't give up!!!