Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 5 Check In

Today I woke up feeling pretty good. I wasn't grumpy like I was yesterday and I also didn't go to bed hungry last night. That is a really good thing!!! I am getting better at working out and actually looking forward to it in the mornings.

Just wanted to check in. Thanks for supporting me!


  1. Robin, I am so jealous of you. You only weigh 157, that is a great weight, I have always been overwieght, and decided this yr was my yr to get healthier. I have been trying to eat less and healthier, drink more water and work out more. Reading your blog today has inspired me. I have worked out 2 times this week and was going to take the weekend off, but I too will get up and exercise. Thanks for the inspiration. Rosaburns

  2. Robyn

    Hang in there, you are an inspiration to me! My goal would be to weigh 157! That is my ideal body weight, Thanks for the recipie for the zero pts vegatable soup. I am going to make a batch of that today.

    Now that I have read your updates here, I am motiviated. I am going to the treadmill! I have already downed two bottles of water this a.m. along with some oatmeal and yogurt. So I am motivated! Thanks again.


  3. well done Robyn , you are doing well( I'm Dieting too , I tell you the minute i told myself you cant have does cakes is the thing i'm craving the most , all i seem to think is food a the moment I'm only on my day 2 )

    I'm going out in my bike today

  4. Good morning Robin! Hang in there! I too have been trying to lose the weight. So far since November 27th Ive lost 16 pounds. I walk with Leslie Sansone tapes and follow the Flat Belly Diet, and it's working! By the way, the hunger settles as you lose and your body gets use to the new way of eating.