Monday, November 29, 2010

Starting Over. Week 1, Day 1

Hi Everyone!

Here I go again!  I am completely starting almost over with Weight Watchers.  I am 15 pounds above my Lifetime weight of 125 pounds.  I got down a lot lower than that during my marathon training but realistically I am good for my height at 125.

I promised I would post some beginning pics again this time.  Not very flattering but I've just got to do it.    I will post pics every week after I weigh in.  Next Wednesday will be the beginning of week 2 for me.  I went today because I wanted to get started on the new WW program right away but I don't get weighed in again until next Wednesday.

Week 1:

Weight: 140.2 (YIKES!)

First goal:  130 (by CHA at the end of January)

Next goal:  125 (by Cricut Cruise at the end of February)

     I never thought that I would gain back some of the 50 pounds I lost but I did and if I'm not careful I am going to gain it all back.  It started when I got Plantar Fasciitis and had to stop running.  I know that I can do other exercises but it is totally mental with me.  I lost 50 pounds the year I was training for my marathon and in my mind that is what I relate to my weight loss.  I am going to try super hard to get it in my head that I CAN BE SUCCESSFUL with other exercising.  I also am a very emotional eater and I have been eating at night when I am having a hard time getting my 5 kids to sleep.  I need to find a solution to that eating, too.

Exercise:  None today but getting up bright and early in the am to meet a friend at the gym.

Please comment and share what you are doing on your journey.