Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today's Update

I'm trying not to feel discouraged today. I woke up a little bit grumpy and I went to bed a little bit grumpy. I was doing so well then I just hit this little bump in the road. I did not want to work out this morning, especially on the treadmill. I almost turned it off a few times but ended up doing the full mile and a quarter. I ran for 11 minutes of that, which is pretty amazing for me. Of course, I split it up between walking.

I go to get weighed in in about an hour. I'm afraid that I will not show any progress. I'm afraid what that will do to my motivation. If I don't see any results I wonder if I might want to give up. I hope not. I really feel like I am doing something but maybe the scale just won't show it.

So out of all my days doing this program, I've had about 3 tough ones out of 7. I guess that's not so bad.


  1. You're doing great, just try to remember that pot of gold at the end!! Don't give up!!!

  2. How did the weigh-in go, Robyn? Remember that weight fluctuates wildly, so look for over-all patterns and don't fret over a single weigh-in. I've always been a daily weigher (knowing it would fluctuate) but this time I'm just letting Wii Fit weigh me every Monday and doing the fitness test. And remember that as you build muscle, it'll weigh more than fat but take up less space and you'll be trimmer. Pay more attention to how you FEEL and how your clothes feel than what the scale says. See this as a life style change instead of a diet--the only way to have lasting results. You are my inspiration to be a better me--STICK WITH IT!