Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm DRIVING the wagon today!!

Yep, I'm back up and going. I only took one night off and I didn't even eat as much as I thought I would!! Plus, I ordered water with lemon instead of my usual strawberry lemonade. YUMMY!! That would have added another 600 calories, for sure!!

This morning I got right up when the alarm went off at 5:30am. I headed for the treadmill where I walked/ran for 1.5 miles. I was able to run for 10 minutes straight again which I haven't done in a few days. I then went to the gym and worked upper body and abs. It all felt really good.

I weighed myself AGAIN this morning because I wanted to see how much damage I did last night. To my surprise I was down another .4 pounds. My DH said that it takes 3 days for fat to kick in from splurging. I am not going to let that happen. I am going to try to do the treadmill again for another 45 minutes. I just need to figure out how to stretch certain parts of my legs, especially the shins, because they are starting to feel tight.

Tomorrow is my birthday! YAAAAAA!! We are supposed to go out as a family for dinner but I don't know if I will be able to do that. I'm thinking now that I will get take out from our favorite place and I will just have my JC dinner with them. I have already splurged enough and it was sooo worth it! I don't want to press my luck!

I hope everyone is having a great day. I have one more request. PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT IF YOU STOP BY! Pleeeeeaaaaasssssseeee, with Splenda on top!!!


  1. Way to go Robyn!! You have way more selfl control that I would of had last night...your supper looked delicious!! Have a fabulous weekend!! Happy Birthday for tomorrow:-)
    Hugs, K

  2. Great job, Robyn! I know the hardest part for me is getting back ON the wagon when I splurge. I also tend to "justify" splurging on special occasions. You are doing awesome, though! Have a great birthday!

  3. Good job with the self control! Have a happy weekend!

  4. Good job. Splurging helps to keep you from going overboard. You should take a day every week or two and let yourself have a special treat.

  5. Wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Getting on that treadmill that early every morning shows the kind of commitment only WINNERS have! ;)

    Keep up the good work--very cute pic, btw.

  6. you're doing great Robin, You've motivated me to start working on my treadmill again, during my weight loss journey my favorite quote is this

    "The feeling of thin is much better than any food can ever taste!!"

    From Penny G from the cricut messageboard

  7. Great job Robyn, I am back to it also. I have to re-lose 10 of the 30 lbs...that I lost last summer. I really took from aug-jan off. I hate that I put some weight back on ...oh, well. I want to loss 20 lbs. or more. It gets hard after the 1st 20. It takes me about 1 month to lost 4-5 lbs. Good luck! Good luck to me too! Love, you and happy b-day!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! Enjoy that birthday cake you have earned it :) I'm having a problem with my shins tightening up too. I've tried everything but it's really keeping me from running and walking fast. Enjoy your day!

  9. Great job, Robin. we all know how hard it is to take the weight off. You're doing all the right things. The exercise will make a huge impact on the way the weight comes off. Try some yoga stretches after you walk to keep from having those awful shinsplint pains. Have a wonderful birthday and thanks for your Pink Stamper videos. They are fabulous. I learn something new from you every time I look at them. Enjoy your day.