Monday, January 5, 2009

Feeling discouraged!

Look at me, it's only Day 1 and I am already discouraged. I am soooo hungry. I'm trying to keep with the Weight Watchers points and I have done great. I'm just so tempted right now. I'm starting to 2nd guess why I am even doing this. I guess now is when I really need the support. I've already had my 8 glasses of water and I am working on my 10-12. I bet if I didn't start it today I would not be hungry at all.

Any tips??


  1. Hi Robyn,

    Don't feel discouraged! It takes time to take the weight off. I have to lose a little more weight - about 10 lbs. I plan to start walking outside when it is nice. I have been looking all over for Wii-Fit and still can't find it. Once I find it, then I will start exercising.


  2. Come on Robyn! You can do it!! Don't get discouraged - do something to keep yourself busy! Go outside (if it's warm enough?) Scrap (no snacking!) or play with the kids! I know you can do it!! Call a friend if you really feel tempted!

  3. Robyn you can do it! Just imagine how good you'll feel when you're at your target. People say they get hungry from chewing gum but I don't. Chewing gum helps me to eat less you can try that. What about snacking on those "negaitve calorie" fruits and veggies?

  4. Hey Robyn

    I am with you girl! I am trying to do the same myself and today was sooo stinkin hard. Better luck on Tuesday. Hang in there! You are right, you need to do this for YOU and I
    need to do this for ME! We have to take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others.


  5. Thanks everyone!! I actually made it through day 1!! I'm starting Day 2 now. Wish me luck!

  6. I did the weight watchers thing a few years ago and it was hard at first - got hungry a lot but then after about a week (yes a week or maybe a bit more) it was fine and it did work - i lost about 20lbs and then when i tried to eat badly i couldn't - i mean 'bad' food didn't taste as good anymore so it was easier to avoid it (well except soft serve icecream ;) )... I did great for about a year but then slowly started to fall off the wagon and gained it all back and more. ;( but that's the key isn't it - to loose it and keep it off! Maybe we can all inspire and support each other to make it work!!!

    oh and i found that after a few weeks I 'discovered' what 'satisifed' my hunger - what foods and their points worked for me so dont' give up - it will all come together!