Monday, June 22, 2009


I woke up this morning just feeling super yucky!! I'm glad it hit me this week instead of next week, though. We fly out to Utah next Monday night and I don't want to be sick on my visit. I have already had 7 points today and it is only 10:45am!!! I'm not sure if I am going to work out or not. My legs feel fine but my chest is congested. I might just walk for a bit.

I hope you are all doing well!!!


  1. I hope you feel better before your trip. Take the day off and let yourself rest and get better!

  2. Sometimes you have to forget workouts and let your body heal. I sure sleeping as much as you can will help the best for congestion. Take lots of vit. C.

  3. I so hope you don't have the swine flu. it was miserable...although I have been sicker in my life. Today is the first day since last Wednesday I felt even partly okay. So, stay in bed, drink that juice and feel better soon!