Monday, June 29, 2009

New Picture

Hi Everyone,

I thought it was time to post an updated picture. I'm not sure if this skirt does me justice or not but here it is anyway. This was taken yesterday, just around 6 months since I started my journey, 37 pounds later!!


  1. You look FANTASTIC! Have a great trip and I am glad you feel better!

  2. You are one hot momma! You are a real inspiration! Love ya, Jen

  3. As they say in New York, Ya look faaaabulous, dahling. And you do. Gorgeous and healthy ... what a combination.

    eileen xoxo

  4. You look fantastic Robyn!
    I'll bet you feel great too. Mentally and physically.
    I've lost 31 in 20 weeks on WW and it sure has boosted my... well, everything!

  5. beautiful !! Got something for you on my blog...

  6. You look great! Such a wonderful source of inspiration for everyone!

  7. You look great!! The skirt looks fab on you! You are such an inspiration. I'm starting my diet this weekend. I'm going on Nutrisystem and I'm making my hubby go on it also. He doesn't need to loose any weight but I'm making him do it for support and that we we both eat the same meals so that I don't cheap.


  8. Just wanted to let you know that I just contacted my trainer for the first time in months to make an appointment. You have inspired me and reminded me that weight loss is possible! Thank you!!!