Saturday, June 20, 2009

YAAAA and OUCH!!!!

Today my DH (dear husband) and I went on our long run around Lake Hefner. The goal was to try to get around it once without stopping to walk. WE DID IT!!!! We ran for 9 miles outside in the heat, wind, and little hills!!!! I am sooo amazed that I was able to do it. My new Garmin watch totally helped because I was able to see how far I've come and how far I had left to go. I work really well with challenging myself and I really need to see where I am at. That makes a HUGE difference!!!

I was doing AWESOME on the run but at about mile 8 I noticed that I had this terrible BURN under my arm. The skin had all been rubbed away and it was chafing!!! OUCH!! It still hurts terrible!!! I guess next time I will prepare better for that by using the special glide sticks that they sell!!!

Here are my stats for the day.....

Ran for 9 miles

Time: 1 hour and 35 minutes!!!! ( a new record for me!)

Calories burned: 1380!!!!

The best part about today's run was that at around mile 7 I got this tingly feeling in my body and felt that I could do anything!! I got this at around mile 8, too! I told my husband that it was my body saying to me "I LOVE THIS!!!!" He said that it was my body's way of telling me that it was time to go home. LOL!! It was a hot day but it really wasn't that hard on me today.


  1. Oooo....Robyn you are a real serious runner if you need the chafing sticks!! Go you!! I've never had the runner's high feeling you described but I have heard it is amazing. That is an awesome time too - great job!! Thanks for the continued inspiration!!

  2. Great job Robyn, your arm looks pretty painful, hope it's better today. I used to run, (before I got planters fasciits) and I know how that feels to have a runners high, good for you!!

  3. I think it was his way of telling you he was done. Ha ha! Great job!

  4. Ouch!
    There's a feel-better for you on my blog....

  5. Robyn,

    I couldn't wait to cheak your blog to see if you guys made it!!! 9 miles! and just a few months ago you couldn't even run 1!!!I'm amazed, you are totally my inspriation. My husband and got a gym membership last night, we are looking forward to a healthier life style! I ran .75 miles last night and walked the first lap...but i'm looking forward to going again tonight and running the whole mile...


  6. Shannon, that is awesome!!!

  7. Robyn,

    Congratulations!!! I know what that accomplishment feels like. I recently completed a half marathon and felt awful the first couple of miles. Around mile 8 I started getting really pumped, and once I hit mile 11 I just felt like I could do anything. It was the most amazing feeling ever, especially since I struggled so much in the beginning. I walked most of the 13.1 miles and took 4 hours. You're doing awesome running 9 in your time.


    P.s. body glide works wonders. The girls in my group used so much we glistened! :) We put it EVERYWHERE!