Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Update!

Hi Everyone!!

Well, I went into Weight Watchers expecting to have gained .2 pounds (I just haven't been 100% this week with my eating plan), and I was very surprised to find that I lost 1 entire pound!!!  I got a 25 pound award to put on my keychain!!!  If you remember correctly, I had lost 8 pounds on my own and another pound not accounted for with WW.  That makes my total weight loss at 34 pounds!!!!  Can you believe that??????

Thanks for all your support!!  I just have 10.4 pounds to go!!!


  1. Way to go!!!!!! You're doing great! Congratulations.

  2. You go girl! Now I am really jealous! Love ya, Jen

  3. Way to go!!!! I'm just stuck! But I'm trying to get back in tune soon. IF my work hours help I'll be able to see some progress next week in the scale of Jenny Craig. :D

  4. Okay, so I just found the Pink Stamper blog a couple weeks ago. I've caught up on all of your videos and I just have to tell you how amazing you look now!! You've seriously made a great transformation. You've always been so cute but you are doing so well!! You're definitely inspiration!!

  5. You are amazing. I saw your blog in January and I thought wow. You're brave & insane to blog your journey. Maybe that's just what you needed to do. I just checked back for the first time coming from your other blog and am completely amazed by your transformation. You look awesome and you can run! I too am learning to run for the first time in my life at age of 34. Isn't it an amazing feeling? Good luck with the rest of your journey. You rock! ~Lalia

  6. Hi, Robyn,
    I emailed you a while back, asking about the BB cartridge (I found the answer), and asking if you had met your goal yet (you had 12 lbs. to go then). I was talking about how easy it is to slip up when everyone tells you that you don't need to lose any more.....Well, you're doing great! I'm so impressed how motivated you are. Keep running with your husband, and the end will be in sight in no time (no pun intended!)
    BTW, I joined our local Y that is a step in the right direction for me too.
    Keep up the good work (and the videos, short or not!) Brenda in WA