Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deep Thoughts and Checking In

Hi everyone!!

Is there anybody out there?? If you are reading this will you leave me a quick comment?? Today in Weight Watchers we talked about losing our motivation. I feel like I'm a bit on the verge of that. Do you know what keeps me going????? YOU!!! I can totally FEEL your love and support for ME and that makes me want to try my hardest!! Thank you for everything!!!

At my WW meeting I had expected to have gained about 1 pound but was so surprised when I lost another .2 pounds. I was so happy that it was negative!!! I do feel, though, that is taking me FOREVER to get into the 120's!!! I have lost a very small amount in the past 2 months!! I am totally going to hang in there. I only have around 10 pounds to go and then my challenge will be maintaining my weight loss.

Here is my deep thoughts for today............... I cannot BELIEVE my transformation. I do not mean that in a boastful way, I just mean that I cannot believe how different I feel in my own skin. I still have quite a bit of chubbiness in my middle area but it is not nearly as HUGE as it was before. I feel so WEIRD!!! I honestly thought that because I have had so many children that I was forever going to have my "baby fat". That is the excuse, I mean name that I called it. It feels so strange to me to be able to wear jeans and not have them so skin tight and just uncomfortable. Today I put on my new pair of "boyfriend" jeans from the Gap and they are SOOOO comfortable!! That is one of the benefits to a healthier lifestyle....... comfortable clothes. Okay, I don't mean my old excuse, I mean sweat pants that I used to say I wore because they were so comfy. I mean clothes that FIT me, are cute, and comfy!!

I am really enjoying my new running phase of my life. I have some pretty big goals for my future and I know I can achieve them with the right training. Here is what I have done this week.......

Monday - I got up at 7 am (it was even a holiday!) and I ran on the main road by my house (very hilly). When I got home I hopped in my car to see how far it was that I just ran and it was 2.6 miles. Pretty good for not timing it and just trying to get a good run in.

Since this was a holiday I did TERRIBLE with my WW points!!! We had a BBQ at our house that was potluck and there was some pretty yummy dishes that I had to try. I ate pretty good when everyone was here but when everyone went home I had a hamburger and I took a bag of Doritos to eat in front of the TV! That was my old habit but I felt justified. It was a holiday, right!!

Tuesday - First thing I did this morning was dump both bags of left over chips down the sink!! I didn't want that temptation anywhere near me!!! I got on the treadmill later in the day and walked/ran for 3.5 miles. My toddler needed me at 45 minutes so I wasn't able to get a full hour in. My tummy hurt anyway (ummmm, can you say FATTY FOOD Monday fighting back!!)

I did really well on my WW points for Monday.

Today I went to the gym and decided to give my shins a break. I did the bike for 1 hour and then worked upper body. I'm SUPER sore today!!!

These are the best socks EVER!!!  Balega brand running socks!!

I love my new Asics Nimbus running shoes, too!!

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!!!


  1. Hi Robyn,

    I think you looks awesome and man if you feel taht good how can you loose motivation. Just look at your before pict and see how far you've come and how wonderful you feel and keep it up!! If I had half the motivationyou do, maybe I could kick these 40 lbs!!

    Hugs, Kelly

  2. Hi Robyn, I've been reading a while, but have never left a comment. Don't lose your motivation! You have done REALLY well and you are still on the right track! You even inspired me to get healthier...I lost 17 pounds and gained back 6 when I got discouraged. Your blog and a close friend have gotten me back on track and I'm doing really well this week. Weight control is a lifestyle change and you've made an awesome change...don't go back!! Sorry I wrote you a book, but I wanted you to know that you're not alone and that all of your readers are rooting for you!

  3. The last 10 pounds are always the hardest to lose. Just seems like your body doesn't want to give them up. The fact that you were down .2 pounds is fabulous. Hope you're remembering that muscle weighs more than fat, because it is denser and smaller so the weight loss will be less but your size will be smaller. That 10 pounds will go, don't get discouraged. You've accomplished amazing things over the past 5 months. Look at what you've done ... be proud!

  4. BTW your pink stamper site is still giving that no/go operation aborted signal. if you move your follower gadget down almost to the bottom of the sidebar it will fix it until Blogger has a full time fix.

  5. Way to go girl. You have been an inspiration to me and even though I am not a runner (bad knees) I do still walk. Now I am trying to follow the points system, though I need to be better about it. I look forward to reading your blog to see how you are doing and pumping myself up a little bit. Keep up the great effort and the rewards will come. Losing weight now will take a little longer than it did at the beginning, but it is soooooo worth it. Yeah!

  6. You are doing a wonderful job, keep it up. There is no such word as perfect and losing your motivation is bound to happen...but you can control it. You are going through a lifestyle change, and you can see just how your life is changing in a healthier way-IT TAKES TIME! When I lost my weight I had to get it through my head that I couldn't go back to my old ways-yes, a treat now and them was fine, but I had to keep exercising and watching what I ate-I could no longer have a party in my mouth every day. Relax, remember how far you have come and how more wonderful you will feel!

  7. Robyn, you're in a hard phase right now, but I know you can stick with it! I've always been a person with "5 pounds to lose". But I just wasn't able too, thought all my hard work was for naught, and I quit working out and watching my diet this past year. Know what happened? I'm now the person with 15 pounds to lose (and on a frame that's under 5 feet tall, it's A LOT!) I really believed I couldn't ever lose the gained weight, but after seeing your transformation, I know I can do it if I work for it! So don't look at what you haven't done yet, but at what you HAVE done! And you know you don't want to go back to before. Hang tough!

  8. Dear Robyn,
    I only wish that I could run. I'm on oxygen 24/7 so I can only walk on the treadmill and it's only about 2.5 mph. Very slow but at least it's something I can do. You may not realize it but I take my inspiration from you. You keep on working at it. And you do need to treat yourself once in awhile, I think it's better to do that in the long run, treat yourself once in awhile, binge never! Now if I could just listen to myself!!!

    Wishing you the best

  9. Hi Robyn, Keep up the great work. I just started reading your pink loser blog and feel inspired by you! I started counting my points too and have started to run again. I'm still at the beginning but want to keep going. My goal is to lose 40 lbs. You gotta keep going so that I can continue being inspired.

  10. Robyn I know you can do it. You are my inspiration. With 2 back to back 5k's, that's amazing. I see the transformation that you have achieved and it makes me want to get off my butt and get in shape. I don't know if I will ever be able to run a 5K, but I do hope to drop 30 lbs. So keep up the good work.

  11. hey robyn
    dont give up you are doing amazing!
    I dont even know you and yet i am still so proud of you accomplishing all that you have and still having the time to inspire other people and raise 5 children. I'm exhausted with my two! keep up the good work and ill keep posting electronic moral support.


  12. Robyn...You rock! Slow and steady wins the race, right? I love looking back at your weekly motivates me. I joined WW in mid February and lost 8lbs the first month...then I stopped going and gained back 3lbs. My hubby and I are starting back at WW this Saturday morning...he had lost 20lbs on WW and he has gained back 5 lbs. I showed him your weightloss weekly check-in and we both said we would be where we wanted to be if we would've kept with it. Like he said, the time is going to go by whether we're losing weight or not, so we might as well lose that last 10 lbs...keep going!

  13. My goodness, Robyn! You are rocking the exercise! I am just doing 15-20 of biking around my neighborhood. I hope I can build up the kind of endurance you have. You are such an inspiration! You make me want to work harder!

  14. Hi! I read you and you are a HUGE inspiration to me! I left you a comment on an old post; not sure if you saw it...on Jan. 5, 09. You have no idea how truly you make people feel like this is something that CAN be done, with hard work, of course, but it can happen! =] Thank you so much for continuing this inspirational blog!

    -Mel =]

  15. Robyn,
    I have been reading your blog and watching your YouTube videos for a long time and I want you to know that YOU are the reason I have lost 13 pounds AND the reason I ran a mile without stopping two separate days now. I started reading your past blog entries in August and challenged my best friend to get healthy with me. We began emailing each other every Monday to report our weight loss and any positive or negative feedback from the week before. This idea stemmed from your Biggest Loser challenge that got you started in the first place. Anyhow, whenever I need motivation or just want to feel like someone else has struggled as I am struggling sometimes, I read past blog entries of yours. I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for keeping me motivated! If you are interested, I have a ton of healthy recipes as well as lots of random thoughts at my blog. Feel free to take a look amid all your "free" time. ;)

    Thanks again! -Bethany