Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Check In

Today I worked out for 2 hours at the gym!!! Here is what I did....

45 minutes Water Aerobics
25 minutes 4 laps (200 Meters)
29 minutes 5 K (Woo Hoo!)

My legs were not sore this morning when I woke up like I thought they would be. My upper body is SOOO SORE today. Yesterday when I worked my upper body I did some bench pressing with just the bar. Well, that used some muscles in some places that are not used to getting a workout. I am going to remember to add that into my weekly workout. It feels good to be a little sore. Now, a lot sore, is very different!!

Tomorrow I am going to hop on the bike again and ride for an hour and do upper body again. Saturday I am going to do a long run. Hopefully it will be 5-6 miles. I will run at a slower pace but hopefully it will build my endurance. I might even hop in the pool again and do some more laps. That was very refreshing!


I did VERY well with Weight Watchers today. I gave myself 8 points for my workout this morning but only used up about 4 of those. That is fine with me. I was able to have lots of chocolate today while still getting all my vitamins & produce in.

I hope you all are having a terrific day!!

Please leave me a comment!!


  1. Your body thanks you for all the good things you are doing for it. It is always nice to be slim and trim, but being fit and strong is the best! Yeah you!!!!

  2. Since you love chocolate so much here's a recipe

    1 box devils food cake mix
    1 jar of no sugar added applesauce
    1/2 bag of chocolate chips

    make them into cupcakes, refrigerate them, add a spritz of low fat cool whip in a can, they are so moist and 2 points!!!! gotta love that

    PennyG from cricut mb

  3. Wow!! Just found you on you-tube. You have done such an amazing job on your weight loss. I commend you. Looking back on your old posts, what a difference. That is great!!! Like everyone this time of year I have started WW just 3 days ago. My daughter-in-law lost 10 pounds so far on WW so I know it works. Running? I think I would like running, not sure about that. I walk the treadmill and do the elliptical, just today bought myself a bike so the hubby and I can ride the trails. The one thing that is working against me at this time of my life is the - the no more hormone syndrome. Yup, you guessed it postmenopause. You get this middle that just appears, from where I ask myself. So I am trying to work on that. So anyway, you have given me the inspiration, looking at you from last July to 05/29. Oh, by the way, I love to make cards and take a class every Wed morning.

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  5. Robyn,
    I got sucked into your Cricut videos a while ago, but I never had any idea you would come to be such an inspiration in other ways! I'm so glad you blogged about this! I'm definitely the "indoor girl" who married an "outdoor boy" at BYU-I, and it's encouraging to see you handling that same difference so well. I love it! Keep up the great work, and keep the videos coming!

  6. Robyn,
    In this video you mentioned some type of bar - Vita something? I am hard of hearing and didn't quite catch it. Would you please share the name.

    Thanks so much for your inspiration. I plan on getting out there and at least walking.