Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I stink!!!

Yes, I stink........ literally and IT FEELS GREAT!!!  I just finished a 10K on my treadmill!!  It took me 82 minutes but I don't care!!!  I ran the first 5K and then I ran/walked the other 5K.  I cannot imagine running a 10K but I think I might set that goal for the Fall.  I'm pretty sure I can do it by then.  

I've decided that I am going to keep my eating log and exercise log here everyday since so many of you have e-mailed me and want to know what I eat throughout the day.  Remember that I am on the Weight Watchers plan.  Their meetings are also very helpful to me.  

Daily points (21)

Breakfast - 
WW Bar (1 point)
Apple (1 point)

Fiber One Bar (2 points)

Subway Turkey 6 inch sandwich (no cheese) (5 points)
Vitatop Muffin ( (1 point)

Snack - 
Protein Milk Shake WW (3 points)

Exercise (80 minutes vigorous..... 6 miles!) (earned 7 points)

I still have 15 points left for the day!!!
*(I forgot to log the rest of my points today!!)

Oh ya, I finally have lost some weight again!!  I had gained .8 pounds 2 weeks ago and lost .4 of it last week.  This week I lost 1.4 so I am officially down 1 pound!!!  I worked very hard for that 1 pound!!!


  1. I am so excited that youare going to post eating log. I am stuck eating the same things and that is the reason I stop doing WW. I think new ideals are the solutions!!!eager to begin again.

  2. Robyn you are amazing. I am getting back on the weight loss band wagon today. I am still struggling with my last 10 pounds of baby weight and dd is 2. I am currently training for my first marathon but my eating needs to get under control if I am going to lose the weight. I started this morning on ww core program and so far so good. Keep up the great work. Your blogs are providing a lot of inspiration in my creative life and in my goal to live a healthier lifestyle!