Friday, February 6, 2009


On Wednesday I was sick for a bit in the mid morning- afternoon. It kind of just snuck up on me. Even though some of my food was coming up I still tried to get down 1200 calories. I totally felt better by the next morning. I was still a little queasy yesterday and a little bit today but I'm pretty much back to normal.

This morning I went to the gym for an hour and did my treadmill there and upper body. I ran/walked for 1.75 miles and burned 200 calories doing that. My shin splints are starting to hurt on my right leg so I am trying to take it easy and not do inclines or run too much for a bit. I don't want to have aching legs anymore.

The diet part is going great! I've actually started doing Weight Watchers along with Jenny Craig. I just make sure that I don't exceed 1200 calories or 22-24 points. I am able to have more of a variety in my menu. I have been making muffins & cookies for my kids everyday that are healthy and have been eating them along with them.

Life is good and I am feeling really healthy. I have been weighing myself at home and I know that I shouldn't be. I was actually down to 143.6 for a day but am now sticking with 144.0 which I am very happy about. Of course, the JC scale is about 2.5 pounds heavier.


  1. Great job Robyn! Sorry I haven't been able to encourage you lately but I've been sick with the flu and trying to keep my sanity while we rush to finish our basement. You are doing much better then I am - i lost 4lbs early on and now am stuck ;( Things are so crazy right now I don't have time to really plan and stick to counting points which is really not helping things! But that fact that you have lost and continue to loose is inspiring!!! I'm going to go shopping and try to spend part of today adn tomorrow cooking up a storm and then freeze things for this week. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. Hi, Robyn...I found your blog on thepinkstamper and wanted to say congratulations on your almost 10# weight loss. I went to weight watcers and lost 50#, but, unfortunaltely, have gained it back. At one point in my journey, I stayed EXACTLY the same for 6(yes, 6) weeks, not one ounce either way. Finally, I lost 8 pounds on the 7th week. So, don't get discouraged and don't give up. I always said one pound lost was 1 more pound that I didn't have to lose. It will happen. Keep up the good work.