Thursday, August 20, 2009

So much better today!!

This morning I woke up and took some Motrin before heading off to the gym after the kids were off to school.  My toes were still killing me but I was determined to run a few miles.  I just can't lose this momentum in my training or I will not make it in the marathon.  I got on the treadmill, set the speed to 6 and ran.  My toes really killed for the first 2 miles but then suddenly the pain stopped.  I was able to run 6 miles at speeds of 6.0-7.0!!!  It is now 9pm and my toes still do not hurt yet!!  I'm sure they will be a little sore in the morning but I am going to let them rest tomorrow so I can run my long run of 14 miles on Saturday.  Next Saturday is my last super long run before the marathon and then I will be able to slow it down until the big day.

I also rededicated myself to the WW plan yesterday.  There is no reason that I have gained back 3 pounds of my big 4.2 loss.  I have just been lazy.  I am trying to drink lots more water and have healthier snacks and a lot of popcorn!!!

Hope you all are having a great week!!


  1. You are such an inspiration! I started the Biggest Loser 30 Day challenge last Friday. I'm supposed to weigh today, but as of two days ago, I'd already lost 2lbs. I've also started running/walking everyday for 2 miles. I'm hoping to work up to it like you have. I'm so happy for your success and I just hope that I can stick with it like you have!


  2. Hope the toes are better today and you did well with your run.

  3. I am just amazed by you. That is awesome! I started training for a 5k on October 31st. I really want to do it!!
    Funny question, do you make your own popcorn in a pan or is this microwave popcorn? Do you put anything on your popcorn? I was just wondering.
    Thanks for getting me back to trying to run a 5k. I can't wait. I am doing the couch to 5k program.
    Pauline R.