Sunday, August 23, 2009

Checking in!!

Hi Everyone!!

Yesterday the goal for my long run was 14 miles.  I did it!!  My toes felt A LOT better in my new shoes but were still a little sore.  Next week is our last SUPER long run of 18-20 miles and then we go to 12 miles and then 8 miles the Saturday before the marathon.  It is coming up quickly and, honestly, I can't wait for it to be over.  I am excited to achieve such a goal but I am ready to go back to regular working out.  These long runs on Saturdays are a big commitment and we also have to pay a babysitter for the 3 or 4 hours that we are gone, too.  

Okay, I need to leave a great tip that I have learned the hard way.  DO NOT EAT HALF A WATERMELON the night before a long run!!!  My stomach was very upset the last half of my run and ALL day yesterday.  Wow!  I didn't realize that would do that but it did.

Hope you all have a great day!!!

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  1. Oh, I hear ya on the time commitment. Isn't that a killer? The race is actually the easy part-its the training that will get you! Keep it up, you can do it. The taper is coming ....