Saturday, August 1, 2009

14 Miles, Baby!!!

I cannot even believe that I am writing this.  It feels like a dream.  Today I ran 14 miles around Lake Hefner non-stop (except for that 1 quick porta potty break).  It was exhausting, hard, and I wanted to completely give up at mile 8.  I turned to my DH and said "I've got to stop!" He simply said "NO!"  Okay, usually he is like, "Okay, honey, if you need to stop then do it".  But today he just knew that I had it in me and I needed to endure and keep running.  Well, that is exactly what I did.  I just kept RUNNING!!!   and RUNNING!!!  and then some more RUNNING!!!  Believe me when I say that the last mile is the HARDEST of any run!!  Sooooo super long and it lasts FOREVER!!!

Anyway.  I now have officially run more than a half a marathon!!!!  Only about 6 more long runs to go!  Next week my goal on Saturday is 16 miles.  YIKES!!!!  Is that even possible???  We will soon find out!!!

I wanted to share my running stats for the week.....

Monday - Ran 6 miles

Wednesday - Ran 9 miles!!!

Saturday - Ran 14 miles!!!!

Total miles ran for this week = 29 miles!!!!!  Double YIKES!!


  1. I'm so impressed! Way to go. That's fantastic.

  2. I am just wowed by how far you've come. You go girlie!

  3. Way to go Robyn! I am so encouraged!

  4. You GO Robyn!! You are such an inspiration to me. I joined WW the middle of May and have lost 17.5 pounds. I am loving it! DH and I started walking our neighborhood with our 2 year old after dinner every night. I am now considering running, yes RUNNING a 5K! I would love to hear if you have any tips for me. I am totally NOT a runner! Thanks! (Kim)

  5. WOW>>>Your amazing!! Congrats Robyn..just crazy are

  6. After some health issues, and a lazy spring I put on 14 pounds. Now I am working to take it back off. I picked up my jogging again(after about 3 years off) and feel very motivated. It was about the time I started exercising again that I found your site. Thanks for the motivation.I've also been wanting a Cricut, and you've motivated me to get one :)! Hmmm, can I blame you when I tell DH I need to get one? Maybe it'll just have to be for Christmas:).

  7. That is awesome!!! Yes, I will take all the blame. :) You NEED a Cricut!!!

  8. I still remember my first 14. It took me three times to do it. The first-I tanked at 12. The second-I tripped on my shoelace and dislocated my shoulder (no kidding). Two weeks later, sore shoulder and all I ran 14. What a total high. I celebrated with watermelon. I had thought a Culver's shake would be good, but somewhere around 13, I started to crave watermelon. And now? I crave it on almost every long run. Go figure. Great job on your training. Its the hard part, you know. I'm not saying a marathon is a breeze (because it isn't) ... just that all the training is the hard part. The marathon? Well, when you cross that finish line, you'll see.

    You go girl!