Saturday, August 15, 2009

Marathon & Other Stuff

Okay, so you all know that I had a horrible week with training last week, right?  Last Saturday I just wasn't feeling the long run and the rest of my training was also a big flop.  I was starting to doubt my ability to even accomplish such a HUGE goal.  Well, this week, so far, is going sooo much better!!!  

I gained 1.2 pounds this week but I wasn't that disappointed as I had such a big loss last week.  This is to be expected.  I did change my goal weight, though, down to 125.  I am 5 feet 4 inches for those wondering. 

This morning was a perfect day for a long run.  The weather was overcast and slightly cool.  The wind sucked, though!!!  I didn't have any problems for the first 13 miles but then started to majorly doubt myself at that point.  I even started to cry and told my DH that I couldn't do this anymore.  That I was not cut out for the Marathon.  I was not a runner and was just kidding myself.  At that point my little toe on one foot started cramping.  I just stopped running and sat down in the grass.  I was at a VERY low place of my run.  I took off my shoe & sock and massaged my foot.  That seemed to help because I was able to get up and start running again.  I just endured.  Most of it was not fun at all but from mile 17 to mile 18 I listened to my favorite running song, by Miley Cyrus called The Climb, over and over again!  I was able to get a huge second wind and pick up my pace majorly!  I finished the 18 miles (which was my goal for today) in 3 hours and 10 minutes.  That is really not a bad time at all for my first go at it!!!  I am actually starting to think that I can do my marathon!!!  It is on September 19th, so I only have 4 more Saturdays to do long runs.

I just wanted to check in with everyone!!  Can you believe I ran 18 miles today???  I can't either!!  Honestly, I think that at mile 18 I could have run for another mile or two.  I just didn't want to push it today.


  1. I know you are one determined gal and you WILL make your goal. Look at all you have accomplished so far. Not bad, little mama!


  2. You did great! I've cried over things that I think I can't accomplish. Thank goodness I have a husband that doesn't freak when I freak over things. Sounds like yours may be the same way. I know you will reach your goal because you seem so determined. Even if you don't-who cares? It's not like you can't try for another one later down the road. Hang in there!

  3. Robyn you are doing so fantastically fantastic!!! I can't even imagine running one mile (ok, so like to the next telephone pole is difficult for me!!), and you ran EIGHTEEEEENN!!! I am so proud of you (I know I don't know you, but I am!! hahah)! Keep it up! Your ambitions are motivating so many of us to get going!

  4. Robyn, that is so amazing. My shins hurt just thinking about it. Eighteen miles is a HUGE accomplishment and you should be very proud.

    You have inspired me...I started a weight loss blog myself, please check it out...

    Thanks for letting us follow along with you in your journey,

  5. You're doing awesome!!! You'll have so much adrenaline on race-day, mile 13 will seem like a distant memory! Keep up the good (hard) work!

  6. That is SOOO great Robyn! You are a constant inspiration!

  7. Simply AMAZING!! I can't even imagine running for 3 hours! Keep up the good work!!

  8. You can do this girly! You are such a HUGE inspiration!!! I am so sorry you hit the grass in a sad spot. But you DID IT!! You can really do this!!!
    I'm rootin' for you!