Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting Fresh and Training!!

Hi Everyone!!

Okay, I am serious this time!!! I am not going to gain back my weight, even though it has been slowly creeping back. I am fighting this!!!! I started counting my Weight Watchers points this morning and I am going to go to my meeting this Wednesday.

I also start my marathon training today. Even though my back is still sore from where I fell down the stairs 2 weeks ago. I ran on the treadmill 4 miles!!! I wasn't able to do it all at a super fast pace like I used to but I feel like I am kind of starting over. I also ran 3 miles on Saturday. Tomorrow I am going to do the bike or elliptical machine. Wednesday I will try to run 5 miles. Thursday I will do the bike, rest on Friday and then attempt a long run on Saturday.

I hope you all are doing well!!


  1. Good for you Robyn! Glad to see your post. I've been wondering how you have been doing and I'm glad to hear you are getting on track again. Your stamina will return very quickly, you'll see! Woohoo!!

  2. Congrats on gettin back on track!! You can do it!

  3. you are such an inspiration! By sharing all the ups and downs last year you made such a big goal seem very attainable. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Your blog is so encouraging - I've been off and on, up and down for years and am a lifetime WW member....I'm going to start again and stick to it - if you can do it, so can I....thanks for blogging.

  5. Robyn
    You are such an inspiration. I lost 60 lbs on weight watchers a couple of years ago. Then I got pregnant again and it was a complicated pregnacy. I gained 45lbs back. I am now counting my points again and trying to work in an excercise routine again. You give me hope that i can do it again without failing. Thankyou!!!!!! :)