Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Update!

Hi Everyone!

It's so funny that I haven't updated this blog in over a year.  I didn't realize it had been that long.  I was basically in my own world, got involved in tennis, and running my household for the past year.  I am back and starting my journey again.  This time I am totally serious.  What makes this time different, you ask?  I had some tests done at the dr's office this past week and the test results came back that I have high triglycerides and elevated cholesterol.  I really don't want to start taking medication to bring it down so I am going to try eating healthier and exercising more than I already do.  I am cutting sugar!  YIKES!!  Yes, you heard it here.  I am no longer going to be the sugar-aholic that I have been known to be.  I will have a treat once in a while but not as much as I've been having.  This will be good for me.  I am almost done with day 2 of almost no sugar and I'm feeling okay.  I'm also trying to cut out white flour as much as possible.  I made whole wheat spaghetti with ground turkey tonight for dinner and everyone ate all of it!  This is not only going to help me but my family as well.


  1. That's great. I have the same proplrm and need to get back on track. Keep it up

  2. Staying off meds is one of my goals too. Sugar will be a hard one for me....and at Christmas....yikes! I just signed up with myfitnesspal and stepped on the scales for the first time in months....ouch! I really need this.