Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hey everyone!

Yes, this time of year is super tough! I have eating SOOOOOO many treats this past week that I know are so bad for me. My stomach is starting to feel it again and some of my jeans are a bit snug. YIKES!!!! Okay, I made it through this week and now it is time to move on!

I was able to get a 5 mile run in on Tuesday (which just about killed me!) and another 3 miles today. So 8 miles Christmas week is not too shabby. Next week my goal will be a little higher with some weight training included.

My next goal.
I have decided that I have to ALWAYS have a goal or I will slack on the exercise and healthy eating. My husband and I have decided that we are going to do our next marathon in May and another one in September. Then in between we will do some 5ks and 10ks. I love having something to look forward to and reach for.

I am going to start writing down my points again, which I have not done in WEEKS!! I want to be accountable for what I put in my body.

I hope you all have a GREAT week!!


  1. Thank you so much. I lost about 19 pounds and then was sick and well the holidays also grabbed me. Getting back on the point count also. Thanks for the updates I enjoy seeing them.

  2. Wow! You're amazing. I give you so much credit.
    If you're ever in NM we do the Bataan Death March marathon! Look it up! Maybe we'll see you here in March?!?!

  3. P.S. I am so looking forward to this next season's Biggest Loser!

  4. Robyn,

    I'm glad to see you start back up with this blog. Love to read. Helps or rather encourages me.
    Thank you!!

  5. Robyn - read your Pink Loser blog and the success that you have had. Hoping I can do the same. Have you found that the WW points system works the best? I have tried so many diets and quite frankly just need a good support buddy system to keep me motivated. Hope to be inspired by you and your followers on my weight loss journey.. Your blog at least is getting me back to starting this yet again!

  6. Robyn,
    It's so nice to see you posting here again. Thanks for the update.

  7. I'm so happy that you are writing on here again. I've really missed it. I wanted you to know that you inspired me to get moving. I have a personal trainer twice a week since October and also now do WW. I've been soooo happy with the results. I was joking on Christmas that my "It's a Christmas Miracle, I fit into a size 14 jeans!" (started out size 18) I even had a snug sz 12 skirt on this week and wore it to work! Wow, I'm happy to be on this road. I wish you lived in FL so I could hang with you, you seem so much like me... :)

  8. You look gorgeous in that photo! You are doing so great. Can't believe you are going for more marathons.

  9. I am watching your video from last night right now. I love it. I would love love love to run the Top of Utah marathon with you gals. I've run two in my life (Marathon of the America's in San Antonio, TX and the Columbus marathon in Ohio) but the last one was in 2007. I haven't really run much since.This would be great motivation for me.

  10. for 2010, you should keep track of how many miles you run! It would be so much fun to see how far you ran for an entire year :) Keep up the awesome work!

  11. Maintaining is the hardest part. I made life time on WW a few years ago and vowed I would never gain that weight back. Well here I am with all that weight back and more. I need to start and am just scared the same thing will happen again. I don't think I had goals and I think that is a great idea.