Monday, July 20, 2009

Hanging in there!

Hi guys!

I am having a really hard time with food these past 2 weeks.  Since I have been home from vacation I have been eating whatever I want!  That is a big problem!  I should be losing weight but I'm putting it right back on.  Even though I have been running like CRAZY!!!  Hopefully I get a  hold on the food again!!

Today I ran 5.25 miles on the treadmill.

Saturday - I ran 10 miles around Lake Hefner!!  (Next week I will try to run 12 miles around the lake).

Friday - Bike for 1 hour (14 miles)

Thursday - Ran for 6 miles!!

Wednesday - Walked/ran for 5 miles

Tuesday - Bike for 1 hour (14 miles)

Monday - Ran for 6 miles

Total miles ran last week............... 25 miles ran!!!!!!!


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  2. After working so hard for so long you are bound to hit a plateau! You look fantastic and I am certain that with your continued efforts you will get back on track! It's a natural part of the cycle to plateau a bit, and in 28 weeks you have only 'gained back' 1.4 pounds...that is FANTASTIC and highly motivating to me, as I am just starting my 'journey to fit-ness' as i like to call it! Keep it up!! :)

  3. You have'nt even put on one pound. I gained three lbs this week!!! Yikes! Thats what family reunions do to me. You have been doing wonderful. You look amazing. Just switch things up a bit~like some more weight lifting or something.

  4. Sometimes your body just needs a've been working out so look fantastic, I wouldn't worry about the little could be a plateau or just the fact that your body is gaining more muscle mass, which weighs more, go by how you feel and how your clothes fit rather than the number on the're doing awesome! Thanks for the inspiration! You're going to do great come time for your marathon.

  5. Robyn - You look so good and your 28 week journey has been so motivating to me. Did you ever tell us who won the challenge between you and your friend? I've read almost every one of your posts and can't remember...Have a blessed day and know that you're NOT alone!!!

    In Christ!

  6. WOOOOWHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! -1.2!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!