Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick Check In

Hi all!! I'm here in Branson and we are about on our way home but I wanted to check in first.

On Wednesday night we drove half way and stayed at a hotel for the night. I got up at 5:45am on Thursday morning and worked out for 1 hour in the hotel's weight room. Then instead of getting the AWESOME Continental breakfast they had ready I went ahead and had some stuff that I packed. I had already ran/walked 4 1/2 miles in the morning, did I really want to do that now??

Thursday we arrived in Branson and I did great watching my points!!! On Friday morning (yesterday) I got up at 7 am and worked out for only 1/2 an hour at their gym BUT............ I made it count!!! I actually RAN for 2.2 miles STRAIGHT!!!! Some of it was at 6.5, some at 5.0 but I still RAN the entire 2 miles! YAAAAA MEEEE!!! I didn't do as well with the food yesterday but, HEY, I'm on vacation and at least I worked out, right???

This morning I was going to get up and work out but a child threw up on me at 4am and we had another one throwing up for the past 24 hours. Wish us luck on our 5 hour drive home today!


  1. YOu are so dedicated Robyn, way to go!!

  2. Hope the stomach bug didn't wreck your whole vacation, hopefully you and your mom didn't get it too. You're looking fabulous. PennyG from cricut mb.