Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week 1 - Day 4

Hi Everyone!

I am just finishing day 4 and I am really proud of myself.  Besides a little chocolate tonight (which I will use my bonus points for) I have stayed within my limit everyday.  I have this TERRIBLE stomach thing going on while my body is adjusting to the fiber from all the fruit, whole grains, etc. but that will get better. I kind of remember this last time, too.

I know I said I wasn't going to weigh myself until next Wednesday but I stepped on the scale tonight just to see if I had lost anything and I have.  I will not tell you the amount until next Wednesday.  Remember that I have had stomach issues (LOL) which is some of the weight loss.

Here is what I've eaten today.  Normally I don't eat two microwave meals in one day due to the sodium content but my husband made dinner that wasn't the best choice and I had one handy.

Banana - 0 Points
WW Vanilla Oatmeal - 3 Points
Vitalicious Vitatop Chocolate Muffin - 3 Points
Pineapple: 0 Points
Pita from Healthy Choice: 8 Points

Fiber One Bar: 4 Points
Apple: 0 Points
Sugar Free Hot Apple Cider - 0 Points
Lean Cuisine - 5 Points
Ice Cream Skinny Cow - 4 Points
Beef Jerky - 1 Point
1 Stick of Pez - 1 Point

I know that I should have had more veggies today.  I will do better tomorrow.  I also had a ton of water today which I really needed since my body is losing a lot of fluids trying to adjust.

How are you all doing???


  1. Robyn, Thanks for posting what you had. I always love to hear at the meetings what others have found to be good. How sad that the delicious Vitatop went up in points. Is the apple cider good? If so what brand do you recommend or do you feel the brand doesn't matter for taste? Have a great night!-disneygirl in AZ

  2. I use the orange box! LOL! It tastes warm and delicious. Just like the real stuff.

  3. Love reading your post...hopefully will get me motivated. Walk/Ran two miles each day the past two days (I'm not a runner), but can't stop the emotional eating, but I am determined and WILL control the eating. THANK YOU!! for your post.

  4. What is the difference between the old WW and the new?

  5. I will attend a meeting this Saturday morning and find out what the new plan has in store for me. Hopefully it keeps me motivated! Thank you for updating... i think this will help me through my journey as well!

  6. Those fiber one bars are more likely your stomach problem than the fruits and veggies, although they can be an adjustment too.
    There's something in the bars...I wanna say chickory root extract or something like that...that lots of people are really sensitive to. Too bad...I love the almond one. :P
    I started back to tracking on Sunday and the new program on Monday. I'm already down a good bit too but official weigh in is Sunday for me. Go us!!!

  7. Robyn, a good, safe remedy for a digestive track that is moving too fast is taking a (or an extra) calcium pill.

  8. Hi Robyn
    I am too nervous to weigh myself. I don't want to be disappointed if it is just a couple of ounces when it seems I have worked so hard. This was my first week. It was a little harder than I thought. One day I was SOOOOO hungry but then I hurried and went to bed so I wouldn't eat :) I am finding today though that I felt satisfied after each meal. That is a forward step right?? Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!


  9. Way to go Robyn. I'm trying to get back on track too. I did pretty well later in the week last week but not so well this weekend. I am training for the Goofy Marathon and ran 20km yesterday and 20km today. Now I seem to be a bottomless pit and can't get enough food into me. When I feel that way it is hard to make the best choices. How did you tackle the eating issue with such a heavy workout schedule when you were training for your marathon?

  10. Great job getting back on track. Due to a great deal of stress with a family illness, I gained 35lbs. in just six months. I didn't realize just how much until I had my picture taken with you and Karlee at CHA. Thanks for providing extra motivation! It is an extra challenge with the holidays.

  11. I have enjoyed your journey. I am anxiously awaiting your post to see how much you have lost on the new system.

  12. You are doing great Robyn - so glad you are updating this blog again!

  13. I love your blog. I just got my cricut and have been watching all your videos and now this weight loss blog is just an added bonus.

  14. yay great job, I am getting back on the WW bandwagon as well. Fell off when I was sick and ate everything I wanted and am now paying for it with tight jeans. ARGH. Thanks for the inspiration, always good to see others fighting the good WW fight!! hehe FYI those Fiber One bars are what caused stomach fits for me; I emailed them and I guess they use a certain kind of fiber that causes "issues." If you Google Fiber One bars and gas, you will get some pretty funny blog updates! :)

  15. I also decided to come down afew pounds that have been building up around my middle area. I have been working on the pf that I also have and am hoping to get back to running ,I was up to 7 miles 3x a week, this was a year ago. Would like to try ww but can't commite to the cost. Love your blog, you are a very positive person and that comes across in your blog.